Feb 27 2012

join a TEDActive project!

it’s that most wonderful time of the year :: @TEDActive #ActiveColor

Whether or not you’re attending TEDActive in Palm Springs next week, you’re invited to join a few brainstorms and get ideas flowing around six big topics. Jump into the online discussions, find other amazing people and spark collaborative conversation on Facebook.”

[above :: Jessi Arrington’s tattly tattoos, by way of Staffer Janet Lee’s arm (TEDActive photos / Janet Lee)

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Oct 14 2011

a bold new red

 : candidate 4 canada liberal party pres @_mike_crawley to use @ifwerantheworld as a part of open, inclusive rebuilding party

We are thrilled to announce that, today, Mike Crawley is kicking off his candidacy for President of the Liberal Party of Canada.  Why so thrilled, you ask?  Well - this dashing chap has decided to harness the power of the Liberal Party membership in the restructuring of his party through his IfWeRanTheWorld action platform Renew the strength of the Liberal Party of Canada / Renouvelez la force du Parti Liberal du Canada.

As he and his team see it, using IWRTW - along with a suite of other future-forward tools - is about being open, inclusive & innovative in their approach to making change happen within the Party, beginning with the election of a new president. Which is why you will see IWRTW built into each and every one of Mike’s blog posts, alongside Facebook and Twitter, to make it really easy for every one of us to microact along with Mike.

This is the kind of bold, wholehearted approach to public service that makes us cheer.  Go Mike go!


Aug 22 2011

learning, growing & showing up for more

:: newness has launched at long last :: http://bit.ly/bgczg0 ::

At long last, we’ve pushed greater simplicity, transparency and performance out into an improved IfWeRanTheWorld. When you check it out, you’ll see that we have:

  • de-cluttered actionplatform design that better showcases what needs doing and why
  • greatly simplified microaction. These atomic units of action are now even easier to create, share - and, we hope, to do!
  • re-crafted profile that makes your level of action clearer as you build your Action Brand
  • refactoring of the entire application so that it’s faster, more responsive and more flexible as we continue building out IfWeRanTheWorld towards our ultimate ambition of being the Action Graph

As ever, we continue to beaver away.  Please do continue to beaver away at us, sharing your feedback, ideas, criticisms, what have you.




Jul 23 2011


  ::  #boomnessontheway  ::

we’ve been working on a face- & functional-lift to ifwerantheworld and it is alllllllmost done.  it will be a wholesale re-build of the application (so we have something a lot more flexible to work with) as well as new functionality and ux enhancements that reflect conversations we’ve had with our users. we’re really grateful to all of you for your ongoing feedback and advice, and we’re hoping to have this live very shortly - watch this space!

yours in boomness,



Apr 14 2011

Microactions + skillset match = easy-peasy

The single biggest pool of untapped natural resource in this world is human good intentions that never translate into action. Have you been thinking that you would really love to do something to help other people…to give in some way…to feel that you are doing something meaningful and worthwhile…but somehow never gotten round to actually doing anything about it? 

Here’s what makes it easy to stop thinking and start doing: microactions - little bite-sized chunks of action - that you can undertake and that require precisely the skills, talents or resources that you personally have to offer. That’s what makes doing something good effortless. Even when your boss is on your back, the quarterly report is due next week and you can’t imagine how you’d ever have any time to do anything beyond the daily grind.

That’s what we’re about at IfWeRanTheWorld - and that’s what our friends at Catchafire are all about. Bring your skills - the professional talents and resources that come naturally to you - and they’ll match them with easy-to-do actions that can help lots and lots of people. You won’t even have to leave your desk :) Unless, of course, you really want to.


I’m part of Catchafire’s Powerful Woman campaign in support of National Volunteer Week. To give your time and skills to a cause you love go to www.catchafire.org.


Mar 05 2011


::  #TEDActive #TED #TEDache 

TEDActive was luminous - I’ve never been at such a well-produced event that celebrated & drew out & made room for the wholehearted, creative, intense, magnificent passions of the attendees.  I am gobsmacked with love ;)

More on what came out of the TEDActive Project experiment soon once i’m not gibbering from a lack of sleep.


Feb 08 2011

doing a TED Walk

 :  ideas worth doing | TEDActive Blog http://bit.ly/dW1RCc : #iwrtw @TEDActive

There will be at least two ‘firsts’ at this year’s TEDActive.

The first ‘first’ is that I am attending my first official TED event.  Everytime I think about it my toes get to tapping with excitement.

The second ‘first’ - and arguably the more important of the ‘firsts’ - is that this year will see the advent of the TED Walk - also known as TEDActive Projects.

The idea is this:  all of these epically creative/smart/disruptive/magnificent people get together every year at TED & TEDActive so let’s tap that (yeah, I said it) and MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN.

Up to 25 people can sign up for one of six projects and will work together through the course of the event to come up with solutions that will be shared through IfWeRanTheWorld.com.

Find out more about it here.

And just think:  Some day we’ll be talking about who did a TED Walk as much as we talk about who did a TED Talk ;)

rock it!





  ::  @giovannasc launches Mingarelli&Co :: http://bit.ly/gnGJww  ::  #raisingthebar #sexypeople #microact #justsaying

IWRTW & Giovanna have been entangled in a knot of love for a long time now, but this week it reached an exquisite peak when she launched Mingarelli&Co, a crowdsourcing & communications firm.

We look forward to lots of shenanigans together :)

Congratulations to Gio from everyone at IfWeRanTheWorld and every aspiring superhero who you’ve inspired by your example.


ps:  for anyone who would like to make manifest their congratulations, you should know that gio is partial to cupcakes with lots of frosting.


Dec 10 2010

level up

 ::  tweet, like, act > #socialmedia meet social action :: http://bit.ly/fTTJgA > #Twitter #Facebook #microact @jocava

it was just a matter of time, but let it be known that thehotspring.net got there first > what they do (and how you can act with them) as important as what they like, tweet, say, etc.

(and don’t we look great in the social media stack?)


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we know

  ::  #iwrtw loves #pantone 2010 color of the year > ‘captivating, stimulating…gets the adrenaline going’ :: http://bit.ly/gYrxH2

i can’t imagine why we would like this color so, can you?  lemme see…




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